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From electronic intifada

Christopher Glanz: BDS: game changer in Germany

In this article Christopher Glanz, a German teacher, writes about his conflicts with Israel lobby in Germany and the notorious "Antideutsche" (anti-germans).
His story is very typical and follows the pattern of the actions of Israel lobby in Germany, of the participating organizations and individuals.



 Swiss Israel Lobby: gerigate

Three persons:

1. The aim of the efforts: Geri Müller


Lawmaker for Green Party, left wing, and elected chief of the executive of the Swiss city of Baden – despite efforts of jewish community to avoid this. As a member of this community told catholic medium “kipa”, to vote for Geri Müller would make Baden to a haven for islamists and antisemites. But he was elected, though.
Born 1960, psychiatric nurse and teacher for vocational school.
He belongs to the sharpest critics of Israel in Swiss parliament and was himself often criticized. With the usual marks: antisemitism, conspirathy theorist, hamas friend, Ahmadinedjad defender, holocaust relativator. And of course contacts to forbidden persons or forbidden media. Every critic of Israel in Europe knows these words which are usually result of blown up sentences or a bit carelessness in whom to give an interview.
Of course that caused conflicts with the Israel Lobby. Here for example – 2010 – we meet our old friend Benjamin Weinthal again in Jerusalem Post:

Jonathan Kreutner, general-secretary of the Swiss Jewish community, told the Post on Monday that “the statements by the two Green national councillors are unacceptable in our eyes and highly anti-Israeli.”

The two Greens were Geri Müller and Daniel Vischer.

2. The Lawyer Josef Bollag

He is also the president of the jewish community in Baden.
According to this article from JTA worth to read he is involved in efforts against Müller since 2010:

Bollag has sparred with Muller over statements by the mayor that were interpreted as comparing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazis. In 2012, a local paper quoted an unnamed Jewish representative from Baden as warning that Muller’s mayorship would turn the town into a haven for Islamists and anti-Semites — quotes that many believe came from Bollag.

3. Puppet master Sacha Wigdorovits


Now the main person of the gate and Bollags good friend from childhood.
Born 1952, Journalist and public relations entrepreneur, “spin doctor”, right wing jewish zionist. Study in Zürich, AMP at Harvard business school.
Founder of payfree newspaper “20 Minuten”, which he left when it got sold. Founded an other payfree newspaper, “Gratiszeitung ch”, liquidated 2009 (payfree newspapers seem to be their speciality, see Adelson’s “Hayoum”).
He holds the communication agency “Contract Media” and is founder of the pro-Israel “audiatur” foundation; with the president of this foundation Ekkehard W. Stegemann he works on Audiatur Online.
Wigdorovits is notorius as hard core agent. According to this article in his PR work he usually phones journalists he views as his executive helpers and offers his story; sometimes he becomes quite unfriendly if not taken. Because of his former journalist jobs he knows a lot of journalists.

The Gate

On 17th August Swiss newspaper “Schweiz am Sonntag” wrote about an exchange of naked photos between Geri Müller and a teacher of a Swiss grammar school “with jewish roots”. Geri Müller reacted with an offence. Police investigated and quickly the suspicion arose that Wigdorovits and Bollag might have driven to this. Whereas NZZ declares this to be harmless; the driving force in her opinion was the teacher who wanted revenge because Geri Müller was not so fond of having further contacts to her. This happened on eastern this year. Two days later the teacher met Mr. Wigdorovits in his bureau, according to NZZ because she wanted to take revenge with the help of Geri Müller’s arch-enemy. And he gave her some contacts, also to Mr. Patrik Müller, chief editor of “Schweiz am Sonntag” who published the story. But the teacher herself said at police that she had no contacts to “Schweiz am Sonntag”; it was Wigdorovits who gave the screenshots from handy backup to Patrik Müller and insisted that she cannot backdraw now. All this came out piece by piece, because at first Wigdorovits denied any contacts to the media because of this matter. It became public because police confiscated communication protocols.

According to “20 Minuten” Geri Müller’s lawyer now applied at lawer of state for a probe against Bollag and Wigdorovits. Both of course apply to be completely innocent; but on the other hand the teacher says that she has felt herself to be under Bollag’s pressure.

Perhaps as reaction on the mentioned article on NZZ declaring Bollags and Wigdorovits involvement as harmless now screenshots of protocols were published. According to them Wigdorovits did lay some pressure on the teacher – here named N. W. – and gave her advices what she should do.

Following the publishing of the photo exchange Geri Müller temporary lost his functions as Badens executive chief on 18th of August, but got most of them back in beginning of September. He decided not to run again for parliament elections but said, this has nothing to do with this affair. But he wants to stay executive chief in Baden.

Meanwhile of course the Israel Lobby has startet to moan about similarity to “victim of the jews”,  “elders of zion” and anti-jewish conspiracy theory, decorated with some insults against Geri Müller: in “Baseler Zeitung” online a David Klein named him a “dishonest man” who “deceived his partner”, “lied at whole Switzerland” and someone who “supports islamist terror of hamas”. Dishonest also all journalist who help him, whereas they are going to “behead the jews Sacha Wigdorovits and Josef Bollag” via media.

So business as usual.

Ah, by the way, David Klein is a musician, so I have some doubts about how he can not only write such an article, but also bring it into Baseler Zeitung. But accidentially also Klein is an old fried of Bollag.

Update 23.12.2014

Hamas Groupies

antisemitischer Politclown

Peter Hossli, Journalist who belongs to the Blick Newsgroup, is of the circle of friends of Israel. I think we can number him among the Swiss Israel-Lobby. On 14th December he wrote on his blog about an event he hoped the best and that was, that Geri Müller’s lawyer Meili might lose his approbation as lawyer; not a very pious wish for civilized people. But it shows that these people have no scruples to ruin the existence of a person when he is in their way. Reason for all this was that Meili quickly got to know about a meeting between Müllers former chat friend W. and asked W.’s lawyer, whether she gave an interview then.
This was quickly spread with some ‘warm words’ under the #gerigate-Hashtag from the Twitter account “Schweiz-Israel”, which looks a bit like an inofficial Israeli embassy account like the notorious one from Israeli embassy in Ireland.

But new news exploded on 21st December: Bollag and Wigdorowits did not only support W. with contacts and good advices – or even pushed W. with her story to the public. They also payed her some money, at least 2.000 Franken. The “Tagesanzeiger” reported this as well as the “Blick“. According to “Blick” W. knew very well what she was doing: toppling the MP Geri Müller from National Council as well as from his Ammann position in the city of Baden.

Consequently “Sonntagszeitung” asserted the breaking of a taboo. To pay money to get rid of an elected person one does not want is more than just hard political Kofighting. It’s a different quality, inacceptable.





Germany's Israel Lobby

The cancelling of Max Blumenthal and David Sheen’s participation of a meeting in left group at “Die Linke” in the rooms of German parliament  (here reported in “Berliner Morgenpost“) raises the question about influence of Israel Lobby in Germany. Especially today. Because this lobby used her opportunities and became stronger after reunification;  the 25th anniversarty of this reunification with former GDR is celebrated nowadays.

Used were the feelings of inferiority of many GDR citizens. They won the freedom they wanted but many for the high price of their personal welfare. And a lot of Germans do not care much about anything else. Leftists in the West had the feeling of threat if Germany became bigger through reunification. They feared a comeback of militarism and imperialism; but this was not very rational because the West is much stronger also in population – and cut herself completely off old Prussian superiority thoughts. So in the West this opinion was a small extremist group nobody noticed.

Except Berlin. Because there West Berliners joined frustrated GDR leftists looking for something they could teach the west and they found – antifascism. Though nazi movements and hostility towards foreigners were much stronger in former GDR than in the west, they believed that the west must be more fascist than the east. This was based on the theory of Communist Third International from 1935: “Fascism in power is the open, terroristic dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic, the most imperialistic elements of finance capitalism.” It was also constitutional element of former GDR, fixed in their constitution, even the Berlin wall was named officially “Antifascist protection wall”  and it was of course taught. Used to ideological speech aside of reality many eastern leftists decided to teach the west antifascism.

Through this the – originally leftist – movement of antigermans was born.  At once it became very interesting for the Israel Lobby. Who wants to gather more knowledge, should read this article from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs from 2009  about the anti-germans and their “influence far beyond their small numbers due to the comparably high intellectual level of their leading thinkers”; which should be seen relative and due to the hampering methods zionists use against sensible critical intellectuals since decades, like against German philosophers Habermas and Tugendhat (himself of jewish origin), author and nobel price winner Grass or the son of publisher of famous news magazin “Der Spiegel”, Jakob Augstein, who was set on notorious Simon-Wiesenthal-List of 10 most influential anti-semites by the help of one of the most important lsrael-Lobby-leaders Henryk M. Broder.

The anti-germans are a new arm.  For decades the Israel Lobby had her base only in the establishment in economy and policy. Through the anti-germans she won also a base in leftist movements, even within not seldom militant leftist Antifa (antifascists), but also in the right which disguises in Western Europe mainly with dedication to Israel: ‘we are no racists, because we are pro-Israel. So we can be as much racist as we want if only not anti-semitic’. Meanwhile perhaps the main part of the anti-germans moved to neoliberal capitalism or islamophobic far right and satiric stupipedia defined the anti-germans as a leftist group that wants to introduce the communism of the USA into Germany.
A lot of zionist jews moved into anti-german organisations, as example the Bak Shalom working group of the party “Die Linke” who already hampered Finkelsteins tour in Germany (note, it’s the same Benjamin Weinthal in this report from Jerusalem Post as in above Berliner Morgenpost). Another example is the German Pirate Party that had an invasion of anti-germans in Wikileaks2009, who are now leaving again, after they destroyed the party quite completely. Reason? Well, internet is a problem for Netanyahu and his zionists, that’s why he named it a curse he wants to change into a blessing. Not only showed Gaza war once again that zionists have no chance to avoid spreading the news and mobilize people for Palestine. But also the most famous heros of the internet, Assange, Snowden, Greenwald, Kim Dotcom and in Germany blogger Fefe cannot be found on zionists side – a reason for the zionists to be full of mistrust against any political movement that is born from internet. By the way, also the Domscheidt-Berg’s went to German Pirate Party, though only 2012; here Wikileaks tweet when they left again, referring to this statement.
An other reason may have been the hope to get some fully reliable Israel-fanatics into parliament when party still had election chances.

Helm al QudsA speciality of the anti-germans is to disturb pro-Palestinian events and to carry Israel flags in pro-Palestinian and of course also the few pro-Israel demonstrations; here an example of former pirate member and former candidate for German parliament Anne Helm. Meanwhile some of them moved to “Die Linke”, I think because of Bak Shalom.

A more serious image have the lobbyists in parliaments. The strongest at the moment perhaps Volker Beck from Green party and since 2014 President of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group of the German Bundestag. After his re-election for Parliament for the city of Cologne, catholic city of the three holy kings who’s soul in case of doubt is nearer to her partner Palestinian Bethlehem. Which shows a problem: the Israel lobby in Germany and her network are unknown, more perhaps than in any other country. A glimpse fell on it following the cases Grass and Augstein – but only on Broder and his narrow connections to Simon-Wiesenthal-Center. But he is only one knot in the network and anybody who investigates for sure  will be attacked by blaming him of nazi conspiracy theory.
Beck of course interferred in the Blumenthal-Sheen course. Like the whole Israel lobby he has good relations to the Central Council of Jews in Germany who under president Graumann follows completely the zionist line and with it also the jewish newspaper “Jüdische Allgemeine”, quite a good indicator for the media network of the Israel lobby in Germany; in the most biographies of lobby journalists one finds connections to this medium.

Now let’s take for example “Berliner Morgenpost” where the above linked article was published. Until 1st May it belonged to Springer publisher.  To the printings which belonged to late Axel Springer’s enterprise he gave the order that “the enemies of Israel cannot be our friends” and still none of the journalists of his imperium is allowed to write critical about Israel.

Chief of Berliner Morgenpost is Carsten Erdmann. Before he was journalist in “Die Welt” from Springer publisher. Journalist for “Die Welt” is also Henryk M. Broder (who, by the way, reported about GermanPirate Party, as long as she was still quite strong). Erdmann worked also for Springers “Welt am Sonntag” . Editor was up to 2008 Alan Posener, who names himself Israel lobbyist, though he stands for the more liberal side that has still some manners. And this newspaper under this chief now published an article about Blumenthal and Sheen from Weinthal. After they investigated the case themselves, as they wrote in the article. So you can say with full right that the Israel Lobby in Germany forced the “Linke” to cancel the event in Berlin parliament building with Max Blumenthal and David Sheen.

Petra Paus BriefBut not enough; they also tried to cancel the second event in Berlin in Volksbühne as well, through a letter sent to the managers and published also via Twitter, signed from Volker Beck, Petra Pau MP from “Die Linke” and  Reinhold Robbe, president of German-Israeli society.

There is a funny parallel. Such pseudo-antifascists always moan that people from the political right start with the sentence “I am not hostile towards foreigners, but …” – and then offer all their hostility towards foreigners.  Now similary this letter starts with the sentence “We are writing to you because we appreciate the great good of freedom of expression in this country very much …” and following: “and at the same time are of the opinion that not everything that is not punishable, needs a stage“. This has a history. During demonstrations against Gaza war people shanted “Israel, murderer of children!” The Israel lobby protested heavily and wanted that such demonstrations should be forbidden at once by police. But police answered that they has asked the lawyer of state and got the answer that this rallying cry is not punishable.
So in fact they do not appreciate freedom of expression if it concerns Israel. And we in Germany unfortunately are used to that.

The ‘arguments’ are always the same. It shall be never allowed to let just speak someone from Palestine movement without inviting a zionist as well or at least show disagreement. This was also an argument against Tilo Jung from “Krautreporter”, because he ‘allowed himself’ to publish an interview with even a hamas speaker without doing that (of course the same critics did not come after interview with speaker of Israels foreign ministry or an IDF speaker). So if this does not happen, they qualify it as one sided; of course always only if this side is Palestine.
The second is serving antisemitic ressentiments. Unfortunately all Israel critic serves antisemitism in their opinion. They say the contrary, but that’s only theory.
And the third is relativating nazi terror in comparing Israel with it. This refers to trivializing holocaust which is forbidden in Germany. They claim that every comparison is trivializing. Comparison. That’s important. Because they principally declare every naming of facts a comparison. If you for instance quote Feiglin and proof that an old German nazi said the same, then it’s a comparison and therefore trivializing holocaust. Of course that’s nonsense. But often has effect on simple people.
The last passus is worth to translate completely:

The freedom of artopinion and press is a valuable asset. It also protects nonsense, but the perception of freedom is also associated with responsibility. Also in buildings of Art the discussion must be possible and has to take place about how useful it is to recognize palestine as a state unilaterally and about the injustice there is unquestionably in the Middle East conflict. A speaker duo pre-loaded on one side is in this question, however, no expert help. The contrary is the case.

So you see, in Germany you can discuss everything about Israel, as long as it is discussed by at least zionist friendly persons – and these persons would of course insist that “ to recognize palestine as a state unilaterally” shall be named “nonsense“.

The Israel lobby asks the managers of the theatre (or shall we say: orders?) to think this event over .
Of course that means: cancel it.

Report of the jewish-israeli newspaper “the algemeiner” from New York

In Jerusalem Post from 08.11.2014 Weinthal showed the main interest of the Israel lobby in this case: to avoid a unilateral recognistion of the state of Palestine like Sweden or at least Great Britain and Ireland. Surely hoping that German influence if she stays in their hard grip could avoid what EU foreign chief Mogherini anounced on 7th/8th November, the unilateral recognition of a state Palestin by EU as well as that Jerusalem must become the capital of both states.

Blockade Volksbühne

The Visit of Max Blumenthal and David Sheen in Berlin

May be because they did not trust themselves in Becks, Paus and robbes letter to Volksbühne som”Neo-Cons and Socialdemocrats” according to Blumenthal and Sheen blocked the entrance to Volksbühne. To a German this seems quite a speciality of Berlin; chief of socialdemocrats Gabriel himself got trouble because he named Israel apartheid regime on facebook, as well as at that time president of European Parliament, Socialdemocrat Martin Schulz because of his speech in knesset. Seems the Israel lobby allows herself a bit too much.

Sheen u Blumenthal vor VolksbühneSheen and Blumenthal held a protest speech outside. They will be in Germany for several meetings at least up to 11th November.

This event shows that there is still a lot to do in Germany. In fact the Israel Lobby is not that mighty. According to the bbc-led worldwide poll from 2012 64 % of Germans are against Israels policy and ony 8 % support. It’s only lack of co-ordination, fear and lack of knowledge they nourish themselves from.

Meanwhile Martin Lejeune published a video with an interview with David Sheen about the actions and reactions on the cancelling of the Volksbühne event. Blumenthal and Sheen got to know this on saturday night, means the night of 8th November between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.

This video is very recommendable. It shows a good insight into a quite selfish and coward way of politics often to be found in Germany, also and especially within the leftists.

Stream of the speeches from Sheen and Blumenthal at entrance of Volksbühne

And what comes out now  is the same old ugly scheme we find everywhere in the word. The Simon Wiesenthal Center now definitely moved to the most aggressive leaders of libel and slander, hoping with its uncivilized manners full of blind fury it could save the furs swimming down the river. Here another article from meanwhile notorious Benjamin Weinthal on Jerusalem Post from 9th November, enjoying the breaking of freedom of expression; a bit too early it seems.

In fact, the visit of Blumenthal and Sheen fits excellently to the 9th November. In fact nobody thought about “Kristallnacht” that day; this 9th November was a happy party in the memory of 25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Some Berliners used this event to draw attention on European Frontex wall against refugees, symbolized in the fence of Melilla. So they stole the crosses from the installation to remind to the ones who remained death in the attempt to flee over this wall and wanted to transport them to the EU borders. Of course it can be discussed whether this stealing was helpful for the cause. But it shows that it is a nonsense jumped out of an evil willing mind to connect the events with Blumenthal and Sheen to “Kristallnacht”; of course they were connected with the falling of the Berlin wall and the wish to let fall others as well, not only Frontex, but also the huge apartheid wall in Palestine.


I recommend Max Blumenthals quite complete article “Verboten! Why I Couldn’t Talk About Israel In Germany” on AlterNet from 1st 12.2014, as well as Hilary Aked’s article “Documents reveal pro-Israel lawfare attack at University College London” from 02.12.2014 on electronic intifada.
Also recommended: article of the young German-Greek political scientist Leandros Fischer, “The German Left’s Palestine Problem” from 3rd 12.2014 on the left New York magazine “Jacobin” . Fischer is just writing a dissertation about this subject.

Is Gaza a Concentration Camp?

I am not comparing Gaza to Auschwitz-Birkenau, but one cannot help but liken the conditions today in Gaza to the sorts of conditions once faced by Japanese-Americans during World War II, or the Boers in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War, or the black South Africans years later in such besieged townships as Soweto, or for that matter Jews and gays and gypsies at Dachau and Theresienstadt in the years before the Nazis themselves settled on their Final Solution.

So the quite popular writer of non-fiction Lawrence Weschler, according to an article in Mondoweiss from July 19th, 2014.
Well, I have some doubts whether we can compare Gaza to Dachau and Theresienstadt before 1941/42, because it then they was mainly a cruel prisoner camps. But surely with the others mentioned.

Now people mostly refer to obvious indicators and a feeling to name Gaza concentration camp. But I’m German, and Germans are notorious overhaulers. So I want to show other aspects.

The definition first. Encyclopaedia Britannica defines correct and complete:

concentration camp,  internment centre for political prisoners and members of national or minority groups who are confined for reasons of state security, exploitation, or punishment, usually by executive decree or military order. Persons are placed in such camps often on the basis of identification with a particular ethnic or political group rather than as individuals and without benefit either of indictment or fair trial. Concentration camps are to be distinguished from prisons interning persons lawfully convicted of civil crimes and from prisoner-of-war camps in which captured military personnel are held under the laws of war. They are also to be distinguished from refugee camps or detention and relocation centres for the temporary accommodation of large numbers of displaced persons

Executive decree without fair trial and without possibility to sue administration who put him in. That’s one of the central indicators for concentration camp.

Concentration camps are a modern invention. The idea of setting up those already presupposes certain inhibitions. In earlier times people had far less scrupels; unpopular groups were driven out by brute force, enslaved or even mass murdered. In modern times this  seemed no longer appropriate. Not only because of the visibility, but even more because of expected protests inside. So the idea arose, to catch, hold and isolate unwanted people, either because of their ethnic, religious or social characteristics or because of their political beliefs. Without trial, of course, only because of an administrative act. And of course without the possibility of legal representation, defense, or even of contradiction or of habeas corpus. The aim was to rid the world without killing them directly.

But that is what distinguishes the concentration camps from internment. For as well as for POW camps the conditions for detention are regulated in the Geneva Convention. They are under international control and provided are, though few, elementary possibilities of habeas corpus for the occupants. A camp where such possibilities do not exist, is not a detention center but exactly: a concentration camp.

Who is leading this in his mind, can understand what an exception  the concentration camps of the Nazi period were.  Namely, it is not the conscious and deliberate destruction of human life, which is the idea behind the concentration camps. One might call these extermination camps a throwback to archaic times  would not have been there another, a modern ideological background.

People know very well, that concentration camps are no extermination camps. And people do use the term concentration camp spontaneously in the right way. Justice minister of Vatican Cardinal Renato Martino described Gaza after his visit: “Defenceless populations are always the ones who pay. Look at the conditions in Gaza: more and more, it resembles a big concentration camp“. Of course the term is used not only for Gaza. The Lampedusa Mayor Giusi Nicolini also protested that the refugee reception center on his island resembles more and more a concentration camp. Gaddafis refugee camps in the desert were named concentration camps – and they were not only financed from EU; EU also delivered matters, like watch towers and barb wire; they must have known very well, what it was.

Especially when Gaza is meant we face a huge wave of protest from zionists and Israel-lobby. One should not care about this. It’s neither scientific nor resembles free expression if a political group is willing to censor the expression of the world. There is only one valid category: true or false. If the common meaning of a term resembles the visible facts, then it should be used. According to duck test: if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Let’s not forget about the idea behind. A concentration camp is a camp where civilians only,  because they belong to a special people, religion, sexual orientation or whatsoever, are imprisoned and – isolated. This isolation is of course dangerous. With isolated people one can do what he wants, nobody will realize. And it will be done, we know that from experience. Even North Korea, that is said to have horrible concentration camps for christians, is watched from satellites; and we do not know, whether the extermination of jews in German extermination camps would have been possible in that way, if satellite technic was already available. In this connection we have to see that Israel denied entrance to UN investigation commission. Obviously also Israel does not want more public knowledge than unavoidable; so world has to watch that Gaza is under independent supervision. Whether journalists, whether NGO’s, engaged individuals and now even UN delegation, there were already enough attempts to install as much isolation as possible to be full of misstrust. Whereas we must not debate about Gazans being captured. Who is behind a huge wall, barb wire and watch towers, is captured. So the outer conditions for a concentration camp are fulfilled.

It is no criterium whether the administration inside a concentration camp is held by the camp keepers.  In fact, most time it’s not. Perhaps most important reason: concentration camps are extremely expensive. Isolated people cannot care for their own living. It costs enough to provide them from outside, so there is most time no will to increase these costs by ruling also the inside administration. Concentration camp inmates can produce some simple goods, also food, if there is land around, but anything else needs economic exchange. A country must be able to import matters and of course to export own goods to pay these matters, to have a prospering economy. This is not possible in a concentration camp, the reason not only why people in such camps not only live on a quite primitive level, but also why it has to be provided from outside; means from the camp keeper or, in the happy case Israel is in because of it’s permanent victim claims, UN, EU or other friendly human people and institutions. Which causes a dilemma. Because on the one hand people in Gaza live now and one cannot tell them, please stop living until we solved the Palestine problem.  One cannot  let them live on rubbles with dirty water beneath because of non existing sewage. On the other hand that makes it comfortable for the camp keeper Israel: his bill is paid by others, so why should he change his policy?

Anyhow, we not only have the examples of the reservates for the red indians in USA, the South African homelands, yes, both were areas where civilians, who belonged to an unaccepted people, were concentrated,  imprisoned and isolated. The classic example is still the British concentration camp for the boers. Probably Moshe Feiglin had them in mind when he asked for tent camps to concentrate Palestinians near Sinai border with the aim, to ship them around the world to some offered destiny; probably  he quite cheekily wants to rely again on the mercy of other states.
Palestinians. Not citizens of Gaza only. Because Israeli officials already announced to imprison resisting Jerusalemites in Gaza. And according to the rare delivery of urgently needed rebuilding matters to Gaza it looks as if they prefer to keep the tents – perhaps an opportunity may be found to fulfill Feiglins plan.

Of course it’s not only Gaza. The walls, the land grabbings and last not least the announcements of Israeli officials not to be willing to give free the whole area, or even create connections between the planned homelands,  speaks with its own words. Homelands, reservates, as long as there are walls and fences around and a state controls the check points, they are concentration camps and nothing else. They are even no ghettos. Ghettos are indeed an area where the citizens have a lot of autonomy; but they are not isolated. One can leave a ghetto whenever one wants. If not, then it is no ghetto, but a concentration camp. The Warsaw ghetto was transformed into a real concentration camp by the nazis.

Gaza is a typical concentration camp. Camp keepers usually fence in an area where a lot of unwanted people live already, clean them ethnically in the other way, by forcing out all those who don’t belong to the unwanted people – so it’s very normal that Israel forced out her Gaza settlers and no praiseworthy deed – and then use it also to transport people there they clean ethnically from other areas. And these people are most – indigenous people. Concentration camps are the usual mean of colonialists to get control over the resisting indigenous people.

In fact, everybody knows what the word concentration camp means. The problem is that this word is set under a taboo from the zionists. Which is very comfortable for them. Because how do you want to accuse somebody of a criminal deed if you are forbidden to use the proper word for that? You cannot name the fact in a way people understand. You cannot express just that what you mean.

And the other problem is: you even cannot forbid it in international and peoples law, because you cannot forbid what you cannot name. Reason enough to destroy the taboo and name the thing clearly with its proper name.

And for a bit history: this famous old song from Cole Porter was in fact the song of the German civil detainees in II. worldwar who were imprisoned simply because they had a German passport, like the Japonese  from USA or Latin America. Their detention camps were more similar to concentration camps and could be named as that according to todays level and laws. But they were much more comfortable than Gaza. I’m descendant of an inmate, so in this matter you can trust me.

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
And I can’t look at hobbles and I can’t stand fences
Don’t fence me in.

Always the same feeling, independent where somebody came from. Simply normally human.




What are Semites?

No, we must not go back to Adam and Eve.

But to Noah.

After the Flood the story was by the way largely taken over from a Babylonian story three sons of Noah survived, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. They were assumed to be the ancestors of all mankind; Bible-believing Christians still defend this belief. So do not think that it is ancient, long-forgotten stuff.

The Tora has a genealogy, according to which everything, that the Hebrews at that time knew of peoples, was led from Shem, Ham, and Japheth: Shem themselves and recognized relationship, and Ham all who were dark-skinned and also the people from Canaan, Japhet all who lived in the West. Roughly divided. This division remained in science to the early modern period. With the discovery of other cultures, China, Japan, Indian, however, this ethnography’, like many other biblical doctrine, became untrustworthy.

Let’s start with Ham, whose alleged descendants had to suffer the most . Ham should have gone into Noah’s tent when he slept : naked. Whether this is a euphemistic translation error , has little significance for at least 2,500 years believed history. Crucial : Ham was cursed for it, and – made ​​black, so dark-skinned. As with all of his descendants. Whereas dark is relative , because the ancient Hebrews saw as Hamites also the people from Canaan who belong to the ancestors of the Palestinians , which conveniently led to the recommendation that such a cursed people could be beaten to dead easily . Whereas the Ethiopians are much darker, but were friends , so called Semites . Plane relative. We better don’t ask to what extent this ‘ religious ‘ faith could apply to Jewish fundamentalists still .

The Christians of course took this over . The result was at best the cute black boy servant , because part of the curse was, that Ham’s descendants had to serve the descendants of the other brothers forever. The religious justification of slavery in the United States, held high and in particular in honor of the pious Ku Klux Klan. And this belief is still in the U.S., because first there is a significant number of evangelical fundamentalists and secondly, it surely appears to many as practical.

The next one is Japhet .The Europeans assigned themselves to as the progenitor . In the heyday of colonialism , a Russian researcher resumed all the nations up to the Far East under the supposedly superior Japhethites who should be able to do everything better . The Soviets adepted it and sided with all sorts brillant stuff , until 1950 Stalin ended the mischief with a word of power . Because it was pure ideological nonsense. But not entirely without consequences : the Eurasianism of the fascists Dugin will also be influenced by such rubbish – though not in linguistic terms.

The only thing that has held up in science, are the Semites . As a language family. See Semitic Science , especially a linguistics. Of course it was soon realized that the biblical classification was untenable : the old people from Canaan were clearly Semites . Semites were the ancient peoples such as the Babylonians and Assyrians , a decent semitist must be able to read cuneiform . Today, there are except smaller Syrian enclaves (not to be confused with Syria ! There one speaks Arabic ! ) as spoken Semitic languages ​​Arabic, Maltese and the revived Hebrew.

Now, what about race in this issue? Well, scientifically purely nothing. If you have even only a little idea of ​​the Ancient Near East and its development until today, you know to speak of race is utter nonsense. Especially since the ancient semitic language family probably came from East Africa and then spread from the Arabian Peninsula into a migration of peoples across the Middle East. Yes , according to recent research , the Hebrews originally came from the Arabian Peninsula . And if you know a bit of both languages ​​, Arabic and Hebrew, you also know how closely they are related to each other . In addition , all the people sitting around the Mediterranean contains everything that ever drawn or lost there . Since we’re talking of genes , then probably there is a tiny bit of Babylonian in  every Jew  – however in any Arab as well .

Now, according to old European Christianity the Jews  had the ‘wrong ‘ religion. Starting from the French Revolution this demanded scientific relining to remain credible to the believers in science of 19 Century , who though remained printed by Christian prejudices , mainly due to the onset of secularization. They kept old Sem of course and wanted to speak henceforth of Semites . This, however, did not even hold until the middle of the 19th Century , because Semitists and orientalists already existed, and the majority considered it for a complete nonsense to claim for religious reasons negative characteristics on Semites, which then also should have Assyrians , Babylonians and Arabians , after all grand old civilizations . Parasite without own culture – that did not work . So henceforth only the Jews should be Semites , which of course did not make it better . But Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Semitic Studies are exotic subjects , and though they never recognized the whole nonsense about Semites but for a name for a common language family, this doesn’t penetrate the ahistorical , pseudo- scientifically oriented ‘ normal citizens ‘ . Nevertheless , some of these pseudo- scientists made enormous efforts to ascribe anything Racial to the Jews , some genetic malice . Up to the opposite of a race : for some ‘ anti-Semites ‘ suddenly the Jews should be malicious because they just were not racially pure  , but a mixture – especially because of a high proportion of the supposedly still more evil Armenians. What , however, could not prevail , the Armenians were Christians , so did not work. Here I must ask for forgiveness : so terrible the consequences were, from a scientific point of view you can not just help it but make fun of the Semites – nonsense.

 In the end, even nazi propaganda minister had an ‘insight’ and announced: The German policy is only directed against the Jews, but not against the Semites per se. It shall be used the term anti-jewish instead. “So also officially  the old Christian hatred of people who refuse evangelization was re-installed.Though the term “anti-Semitism” may be still in use, with a number of Orient scientists I‘m against it. The term is totally nonsensical and wrong and gelatinizes only the realities. It directs people away from dealing with the actual historical and cultural facts, as required. It directs them not to handle problems of our European culture that cry out for criticism and coping leads.The term “anti-Semitism” became an integral part of fundamentalist Zionist ideology. I do not care. What is wrong, has to be abolished.

 Is Israel singled out?

In an article on Middle East Eye Ben White quotes the Board of Deputies of British Jews (who of course do not represent THE British Jews, as well as the Zentralrat der Juden in Germany):

any exceptional treatment of Israel, where Israel is uniquely subjected, among all the countries in the world, to hostile behaviours such as denial of its right to exist and boycotts“ is anti-Semitic.

It’s time to destroy the false logic of the „single out“ or „uniquely subjected“argument.

Of course Israel is not singled out but treated like any other racist, colonial country with affinity to fascism.
Also BDS is no singling out: it was practiced in the cases fascist Franco-Spain, Greece under probably fascist military junta and of course apartheid South Africa.
And boycott is practiced very normally from governments – against Russia, Iran, North Corea, before Cuba (mentioned without judgement whether correct or not).

So why do they claim such a nonsense?

It’s because they ignore the existence of the Palestinians, of a Palestinian people.

They see them as Arabs whom they see without any distinction, without culture printed through their own long regional history. This is quite easy for the zionists because jews themselves have no common history as a cultural entity. They are a religious denomination, declared from some crooked minded Europeans, especially Germans, as a race, which is also totally nonsense without any scientific base.

Underneath lies the mediaeval thought that nations are built by religions. The Frankish Empire embraced whole Western Europe with all their different peoples, languages and cultures, united only in belief. This on the base of the writings of  the great philosopher Augustinus. His theory was about a development of history towards a christian world, which would mount in a state of God which would mean the end of history. A very stable idea. We find it in Hegels thoughts, copied by Karl Marx, up to Huntington and Fukuyama.

In a state built by religion of course only those have citizenship who share that religion. All others are ‚foreigners‘, either tolerated or fought. Also the European jews were either tolerated or fought and not accepted as citizens; but they were not the only ones. Bloody, cruel wars with the aim of extincion of those who would not surrender and proselyte were not only led on the way to christianize pagan Europeans, but also against religious groups declared as heretic. They had no citizenship so they were outlawed.

It’s easy to find this mediaeval thought in the dominating far right zionist ideology. In a jewish state no non-jew has citizenship, independent whether there was granted an israeli passport to him or not. A non jew, whether muslim, christian or any other, has to surrender under the jewish laws, to accept the jewish religion as the predominant, to get the gift of formal citizenship as a bureaucratic act. An act that can be revoked whenever the jewish government decides that it is not pleased with him anymore. The zionists are stuck in their mediaeval thought with the consequence that they treat any other denominations today like the jews in Western Europe were treated since hundreds of years ago.

It’s paradox that this thought shall be established in Palestine which was always an exception to this thought. As the holy land of jews, christians and moslems all three religions with their different denominations lived there together and built Palestine. Compare this with for instance Morocco or even Saudi Arabia. It’s obvious that Palestine has her own culture which strongly differs from other Middle Eastern cultures who in fact share nothing except language and belief. And sometimes not even that.

Meanwhile we live in completely different times. National states have developed in Europe and elsewhere and states which have been built by European colonialism on the blackboard, ignoring cultural and peoples borders, not seldom had to fight many difficulties because of that. Our international and peoples law and especially our human rights declaration grants freedom of religion and forbids any discrimination or even prosecution because of religious belief. Who wants to change this – except notorious religious extremists and sectarians, famous the blood thirsty IS, but also from hindu, christian and even buddhist side – and, yes, Israel?

Today it is simply against all worldwide accepted international laws, to establish a state based on religion. This because such a state not only breaks princips of democracy, the princip of One-Man-One-Vote, but also consequently leads to displacement of those with the ‚wrong‘ religion and replacing them with believers of the ‚right‘ – of course unacceptable. And a state that holds to this mediaeval idea of being built by religion singles herself out of world community.

But of course it also has consequences for the complex of ideas of such a state, too. A state that defines herself as built on a special religion also sees other states under the pretext of religion. This is at least a proto-fascist view because it ignores all the different cultures and identities of the peoples of all other states and sums them only under one allegedly prevailing ideology. Means, they do not only ignore the individual existence of Palestinians. They also ignore the existence of Libyans, Algerians, Iraqis, Syrians and so on. For them they are all just Arabs who in their opinion have a special regional religion which is islam, not willing to surrender under prevailing jewish religion and therefore hostile by itself – in the propagandistic term: anti-semitic (which is especially in this case a complete nonsense term as well). So for them it’s simply no problem to displace a whole people to regions where people with the same – hostile – religion live. One should not be too sure that this would only concern Palestinians.

But world is far away from mediaeval times. It is not worth to discuss ideas wiped away from developed mankind because of their inhuman effects. There have always been attempts to go back to an alleged golden past, most famous fascism of Italy with its fallback to Roman Empire or, today, the horrible IS movement and its partners with their fallback to an alleged time of Mohammad. They always ended in cruelty, abhorrence, blood and the swear of „never again“.

There is no singling out, no uniquely subjecting of Israel. At least as long as we keep and defend the only reliable measure that can bring enduring peace to international conflicts: the international and peoples law.